Roller MK02 Silver OCC Cable

Roller MK02 Silver OCC Cable


The standard cable for Roller MK02 is thicker and more robust high fidelity headphone cable, it’s made of  99.9997% OCC single crystal oxygen free copper with a line thickness of 4.0mm delivering great sound quality.

The jacket is heat-resistant isolating PPE and is designed to increase the copper braided isolation . Terminated with 2.5mm and 3.5mm Jacks plated in 24k yellow gold (3u thick) and using Mundorf  Supreme Gold Solder with a  composition of  S-SN (tin) 88.6%, Cu (copper) 1.8%, Ag (silver) 9.5% Au (gold) 0.1%.

This cable is included in the box with Roller MK02.



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