• Luzli in Financial Times Online

    The conductor Otto Klemperer said, “Listening to a record is like going to bed with Marilyn Monroe’s photograph.” Klemperer died in 1973, but while listening to these new headphones from Swiss startup Luzli, I wanted to say to him, “Have a listen to this, mein freund, and tell me if that’s still your view.” To be fair, there was some decent hifi around in his lifetime, but to be listening to music on the move would have required a pre-Walkman cassette player and some stenographer’s headphones. I, meanwhile, was playing 24-bit HD recordings (each track bigger than the entire hard drive of a 1990s laptop) on the £1,999 Astell & Kern SP1000m player I featured last month, paired with Luzli’s extraordinary Roller headphones. (The smaller silver pair sells for £2,880, the larger for £3,840, which makes them among the world’s costliest.)

    Luzli’s headphones are amazing on two counts. The first is their physical form, which is unique. The headbands are reminiscent of an oversized aluminium link watchstrap, and I learn they are indeed made on a premium Swiss watchstrap line. The mechanical quality is superb. They roll up into a sort of dense, metallic croissant. The smaller, MK01, retracts to an 8.4cm diameter roll, weighing 206g; the larger, to 10.7cm at 334g. This means that you can fit audiophile-quality over-ear cans into a (albeit fairly capacious) pocket, or if you go for the MK02, a corner of a travel bag. And the audio they produce would cause Herr Klemperer to drop his baton. It is nothing short of stupendous for what is effectively a travelheadphone. One caveat: don’t waste your time plugging them into a phone – their quality will make ordinary recordings sound like mush. Either use an HD player like A&K’s, or a sound-enhancing amplifier like the £399 ifi xDSD I reviewed last November, or a Chord Hugo. Oh, and let the Luzli “run in” for a couple of hours. Mine were mushy for a while, but they soon loosened up to unleash their gloriousness.


    How To Spend It – FT 8/2019

  • Luzli in Financial Times’ How To Spend It

    The Luzli Roller MK01 and MK02 secure the top spot in the exclusive ‘Technolopolis’ round-up of the latest tech. Described as ‘amazing on two counts’, the headphones are firstly commended for their ‘superb’ and ‘unique’ design, and secondly for their ‘stupendous’ audio quality. How To Spend It encourages its readers to invest in a pair of the Luzli Roller headphones and let them run in to ‘unleash their gloriousness’.

    Financial Times 7/2019

  • Luzli in The Gentleman Magazine

    Starring in a beautiful double-page spread, the Luzli Roller is introduced as the perfect combination of ‘luxury Swiss craftsmanship, ingenious design’ and ‘audio excellence’. Noting the unparalleled ‘levels of craftsmanship more akin to luxury watches’, the magazine claims that the MK1 ‘exudes exclusivity and integrity of function’The Gentleman Magazine showcases features, articles, and much more from the sectors of Fashion, Lifestyle, Automotive, Food & Drink, Technology, Horse Racing, Timepieces and more.

    The Gentleman Magazine 6/2019

  • Luzli in Oracle Time

    Securing a spot in the magazine’s pick of ‘Watts and Watches’, the MK01 headphones exude luxury and charm.

    Oracle Time 6/2019

  • Objects of Desire: May 2019

     “Basel-based company Luzli introduces its new high-end, Swiss-made headphone models, the Roller MKo1 and MKo2. Both styles are robust, machined from pure aluminium and stainless steel. Equipped with custom dynamic drivers, baffles, acoustic chambers, foam earpads and bass ports, the models are ideal for travelling, especially the MKo1 which rolls up into the smallest package in its class”

    Departures international  5/2019

  • Luzli in Octane

    “Thanks to their multi-link foldable headband, these beautifully made Swiss headphones fit comfortably on your noggin and in your jacket pocket”

     Octane Magazine 5/2019

  • The five best luxury headphones for audiophiles in 2019

    “A pair of on or over ear headphones are a must when venturing outdoors for most audiophiles. But there’s a problem that many face while out and about – where do you put them when you stop listening to music?

    Swiss headphone maker Luzli believes it has found a solution with its Roller MK01B  As the name suggests, the MK01 boasts a unique design that lets you to roll them up so that they can be neatly stashed away in your pocket. The MK01’s design is meant to “evoke a high-end watch”, featuring 13 “links” that allow the device to roll up into a compact package, The Verge reports.

    But the sleek design doesn’t come at the expensive of sound quality. According to Trusted Reviews, Luzli spent three years tuning the MK01B’s 30mm dynamic drivers. Even the foam ear pads have been tailored for “best possible sound”.”

    theweek.co.uk 5/19

  • Swiss-made headphones offer the ultimate audio quality to match the unwavering attention to detail

    “All headphones are largely the same, right? They are either large can-like things that go over your ears and pump noise into them, or they are little buds that go in your ears and pump noise into them. The folk at Swiss company Luzli will disagree, as their over-ear creations have more in common with luxury, high-end watchmaking than the sort of headphones you see athletes and wannabe rappers wearing in crap music videos. With headbands machined from pure aluminium and stainless steel, the same high-quality materials more commonly associated with premium watches, Luzli’s designs offer a great fit, resulting in outstanding comfort for those longer sessions”

    Flat Out Magazine 5/19

  • Luzli | Unveils new Roller MK02

    “Uncompromising in their approach to design, craftsmanship and attention to detail, the brand combines technological advancement and style with incredible mechanical and audio quality for an effortless piece of everyday-use tech”

    “Built to last a lifetime – something here at enki we love – this unusually compact sculpture of sound allows for its cables and eardads to be replaced, ensuring the longevity of the product. With the headband created from pure aluminium and stainless steel, a material palette more commonly associated with luxury watches, the Luzli design promises comfort alongside being the ultimate travel companion with it’s roll-up capability”

    enki magazine 5/19

  • The best new design-minded technology

    “Since winning a 2018 Red Dot Design Award for its inaugural Roller MK01 headphone set, Luzli has now released Roller MK02. Hand-constructed from precision-matched aluminium and stainless steel, the set can be rolled into a tidy fist-sized bundle courtesy of its flexible headband. Custom-designed 40mm drivers have been individually paired, accompanied by optimally tuned baffles, acoustic chambers, bass ports and removable foam earpads for the ultimate on-the-go listening experience. They say good things come in small packages, and this portable powerhouse is a case in point”

    Wallpaper 4/19 – Luke Halls

  • The Smartest Gadgets Out This Week

    “No. 1 Luzli Roller MK01 headphones, This very, very beautiful thing is a set of headphones which rolls up like a metal link bracelet – when they’re rolled up they’re the smallest travel headphones about, and ultra-crisp sound”

    Esquire 4/19

  • An opulent e-store for those with a taste for the hard-to-get-hold-of

    The USP of the site is to offer hard-to-get-hold-of pieces in one place, with many exclusive-to-the-UK items such as a Laudarte 1950 Box floor lamp (£3,050), Luzli Roller MK01 headphones (£3,325), The Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin (£2,000) or a Colorado bouclé overcoat (£6,530) by Neapolitan tailor Isaia.

    How to Spend it FT 7-18

  • I can only refer here to the aspects concerning the audio product Luzli Roller Mk 01. And there’s an on-ear headphone with an original headband roll-up mechanism, replaceable ear cushions, connectable two-way cable or the ability to loop the signal to another headphone, 30 mm drivers with an impedance of 32 ohms and an efficiency of 114 dB (ideal for use on mobile devices) and plenty of accessories included. The soft ear cushions nestle against the ears with little pressure; the price for this comfort is that one of the headphones slips off the head with rapid head movements.

    With its mass of 207 g, the Luzli is not a lightweight. The wide headband distributes the weight of the headphone over a large area, making it comfortable on the head. The adjustment range of the headband could be larger. With the lush budget, which is available at such a price for the production, a lot of audio technology was also open to the public. Sonically, the Luzli Roller Mk 01 has a lot to offer. 

    Of course, those who invest the money in a full-blown high-end headset will get even more. But the Luzli offers a neutral, well-drawn sound that convinces with high resolution, clean dynamic gradation great timing. Conclusion You buy a luxury product like the Luzli Roller Mk 01 for many reasons. The good sound, among other aspects, is just one of them.

    hifitest.de 02/2018 – Martin Mertens

  • We love your headphones too!

    Chris Dawes – Electronic Sound 2017


  • “Many attributes factor into decision-making about headphones. Sound quality must always remain high on the list, but for those who oftentimes find the bulkiness of headphones an issue, the Luzli Roller MK1 has a pretty innovative solution. These handmade aluminum and stainless steel headphones feature a foldable link design, employing 22 springs, that allows them to roll right up into a petite bundle. At the …”

    Evan Orensten – Coolhunting 2017


  • “Anyone who likes their music on the go has to decide whether they want quality sound like you get from over the ear headphones or if you want to go light and easy with earbuds and sacrifice sound for convenience.  Design studio TECA has tried to end that struggle with their new handmade Luzli Roller MK01 headphones ($3,000) that offer exceptional over the ear sound quality but roll up like a metal link bracelet for stowing away in a pocket or backpack.”

    Mensgear 2017


  • “Hand-made boutique headphones are made to rock ‘n’ roll”

    Paul Ridden New Atlas 2017

  • “When it comes to headphones, nothing can beat the compactness and portability of ear buds. Most larger over-ear and on-ear models at least try to take up less space when not on your head with a folding hinge on each side. Now there’s a pair of premium headphones that tries to go a step further: the Luzli Roller MK01 features a design similar to a link-style metal watchband, allowing it to literally roll up into a smaller size.”

    Adam Westlake Slash Gear 2017



    Paul Rigby July 2017

  • “Fed up of having to stow your bulky headphones in a bag when on the move? The Luzli Roller MK01s could be the answer…”

    Joe Svetlik – What Hi-Fi 2017

  • “Really, if you buy one of these rest assured they will last you for years and years.  … an ideal choice for music lovers who happen to travel often and who need a solution capable of providing them with superb sound while still staying humble when it comes to size when stored.  … once you order them you’ll have to wait a bit before they arrive because each pair is completely hand-crafted. But if you want the best, at least now you know where to look for.”

    GadgetsWizard 2017

  • “On-ear and over-ear headphones generally tend to offer dramatically better sound than smaller, in-ear buds”

    Chaim Gartenberg – The Verge 2017

  • “There are more and more high-tech headphones available, but few look as cool as the new Luzli Roller Mk01”

    American Luxury Magazine 2017

  • “The Luzli Roller MK01 Headphones enable you to completely roll the headband in order to make them fit into your pocket, which will come as welcome news to audiophiles who like to carry the best gear with them wherever they go”

    Michael Hemsworth – Jul 4, 2017

  • “The ROLLER MK01 headphones are an independent interpretation of modern headphones. They convey class and robustness, elegance and comfort, all in a perfect form.”

    Red Dot Design Award Jury 2017

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