• The Luzli Roller MK02 is the best luxury set of headphones on our list

    For the most high-in-the-sky option for high-quality over-ear headphones, we found the Luzli Roller MK02. With an aesthetic that’s reminiscent of high-end watches, the Luzli Roller is meticulously-engineered for precise sounds and extreme comfort.

    Made of pure aluminium and stainless steel, these headphones are built to last. Its unique linked headband conforms to your head, allowing for a custom feel. The sound engineers behind the Luzli Roller helped craft a warm, detailed sound presentation that is worth every bit of the higher investment.

    Each headset is hand-made. There is only one size. There’s a reason for this: Each headset is flexible enough to fit into your life, no matter what.

    With its innovative segmented headband and weighty metal feel — as well as its higher price point — the Luzli Roller MK02 is the best luxury set of headphones on our list.


    Luxe Digital 6-2020

  • Luzli in Financial Times Online

    The conductor Otto Klemperer said, “Listening to a record is like going to bed with Marilyn Monroe’s photograph.” Klemperer died in 1973, but while listening to these new headphones from Swiss startup Luzli, I wanted to say to him, “Have a listen to this, mein freund, and tell me if that’s still your view.” To be fair, there was some decent hifi around in his lifetime, but to be listening to music on the move would have required a pre-Walkman cassette player and some stenographer’s headphones. I, meanwhile, was playing 24-bit HD recordings (each track bigger than the entire hard drive of a 1990s laptop) on the £1,999 Astell & Kern SP1000m player I featured last month, paired with Luzli’s extraordinary Roller headphones. (The smaller silver pair sells for £2,880, the larger for £3,840, which makes them among the world’s costliest.)

    Luzli’s headphones are amazing on two counts. The first is their physical form, which is unique. The headbands are reminiscent of an oversized aluminium link watchstrap, and I learn they are indeed made on a premium Swiss watchstrap line. The mechanical quality is superb. They roll up into a sort of dense, metallic croissant. The smaller, MK01, retracts to an 8.4cm diameter roll, weighing 206g; the larger, to 10.7cm at 334g. This means that you can fit audiophile-quality over-ear cans into a (albeit fairly capacious) pocket, or if you go for the MK02, a corner of a travel bag. And the audio they produce would cause Herr Klemperer to drop his baton. It is nothing short of stupendous for what is effectively a travelheadphone. One caveat: don’t waste your time plugging them into a phone – their quality will make ordinary recordings sound like mush. Either use an HD player like A&K’s, or a sound-enhancing amplifier like the £399 ifi xDSD I reviewed last November, or a Chord Hugo. Oh, and let the Luzli “run in” for a couple of hours. Mine were mushy for a while, but they soon loosened up to unleash their gloriousness.


    How To Spend It – FT 8/2019

  • Luzli in Financial Times’ How To Spend It

    The Luzli Roller MK01 and MK02 secure the top spot in the exclusive ‘Technolopolis’ round-up of the latest tech. Described as ‘amazing on two counts’, the headphones are firstly commended for their ‘superb’ and ‘unique’ design, and secondly for their ‘stupendous’ audio quality. How To Spend It encourages its readers to invest in a pair of the Luzli Roller headphones and let them run in to ‘unleash their gloriousness’.

    Financial Times 7/2019

  • Luzli in Esquire

    Luzli has been included in a dedicated brand feature within one of the leading magazines in fashion and lifestyle. Following the journalist’s interview with Andrew for this article, his comment was included that ‘We wanted to make a design classic.’ The article also mentions that ‘Luzli worked with makers of link bracelets for luxury watches: its handmade headphones roll up into a pocketable ball.’ 


    Esquire 6/2019


    Luzli in T3

    Securing a spot in the magazine’s ‘Horizon’ segment of the ‘best new tech’, the Roller MK02 headphones are praised for being ‘as luxurious as they are innovative’. Acknowledging the impressive ‘custom dynamic drivers’ and ‘premium’ materials, T3 deems the MK02 a ‘superb listening experience’.  T3 is a UK-based technology magazine which specialises in gadgets, gizmos, covering the latest news from the world of smartphones, laptops, audio, gaming, fitness and more.

    T3 Magazine 6/2019

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