How do I make returns?

Our products are built to last, in the unlikely event of defects or faults please contact us to arrange delivery to our Studio for inspection and repair.

Items made to order for a customer are NOT subject to a return, but we may be able to alter them or make changes.

New Products are sent out with a plastic film wrapping, if this is not removed then the product can be refunded within 14 days. Send us an email stating the order number, name and pickup address. We will arrange a pickup service. Returned items must be wrapped, undamaged and unused.

Change of mind: if you change your mind about this purchase please do not remove the plastic film and we can give a full refund. Please send to our local return centre within the UK , Germany or Switzerland. The item must be in the original packaging to protect them and sent as a recorded and signed for delivery.

If you have already removed the plastic film and used the product and still wish to return the goods we will need to charge a fee. Each new product undergoes a stringent series of tests before being polished and packed.  Whilst use of the product may not cause any noticeable damage or changes we will still need to re-test and certify the product after a return if the film has been removed, then inspect, re-polish and re-pack. In addition we may need to pay online retail fees to the sales platform which are not refunded to us. The fee should be less than 20% of the purchase price.

If you return a product within the returns period and have removed the plastic film and have caused some minor changes or damage to the products we will need to replace any scratched or damaged parts as well as re-test, certify and package. The fee for this will normally be less than 50% of the purchase cost.

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