• “The ROLLER MK01 headphones are an independent interpretation of modern headphones. They convey class and robustness, elegance and comfort, all in a perfect form.”

    Red Dot Design Award Jury 2017
  • “Taking the high-end headphones market to the next level”

    Dilip - July 5, 2017
  • “The Luzli Roller MK01 Headphones enable you to completely roll the headband in order to make them fit into your pocket, which will come as welcome news to audiophiles who like to carry the best gear with them wherever they go”

    Michael Hemsworth - Jul 4, 2017
  • “Really, if you buy one of these rest assured they will last you for years and years.  … an ideal choice for music lovers who happen to travel often and who need a solution capable of providing them with superb sound while still staying humble when it comes to size when stored.  … once you order them you’ll have to wait a bit before they arrive because each pair is completely hand-crafted. But if you want the best, at least now you know where to look for.”

    GadgetsWizard 2017
  • “There are more and more high-tech headphones available, but few look as cool as the new Luzli Roller Mk01”

    American Luxury Magazine 2017
  • “On-ear and over-ear headphones generally tend to offer dramatically better sound than smaller, in-ear buds”

    Chaim Gartenberg - The Verge 2017

Unbox Therapy unboxes a ROLLER MK01

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