• Luzli in Esquire. Luzli has been included in a dedicated brand feature within one of the leading magazines in fashion and lifestyle. Following the journalist’s interview with Andrew for this article, his comment was included that ‘We wanted to make a design classic.’ The article also mentions that ‘Luzli worked with makers of link bracelets for luxury watches: its handmade headphones roll up into a pocketable ball.’ 


    Esquire 6/2019


    Luzli in T3. Securing a spot in the magazine’s ‘Horizon’ segment of the ‘best new tech’, the Roller MK02 headphones are praised for being ‘as luxurious as they are innovative’. Acknowledging the impressive ‘custom dynamic drivers’ and ‘premium’ materials, T3 deems the MK02 a ‘superb listening experience’.  T3 is a UK-based technology magazine which specialises in gadgets, gizmos, covering the latest news from the world of smartphones, laptops, audio, gaming, fitness and more.

    T3 Magazine 6/2019

  • Luzli in The Gentleman Magazine. Starring in a beautiful double-page spread, the Luzli Roller is introduced as the perfect combination of ‘luxury Swiss craftsmanship, ingenious design’ and ‘audio excellence’. Noting the unparalleled ‘levels of craftsmanship more akin to luxury watches’, the magazine claims that the MK1 ‘exudes exclusivity and integrity of function’The Gentleman Magazine showcases features, articles, and much more from the sectors of Fashion, Lifestyle, Automotive, Food & Drink, Technology, Horse Racing, Timepieces and more.

    The Gentleman Magazine 6/2019

  • Luzli in Oracle Time. Securing a spot in the magazine’s pick of ‘Watts and Watches’, the MK01 headphones exude luxury and charm.

    Oracle Time 6/2019

  • Objects of Desire: May 2019

     “Basel-based company Luzli introduces its new high-end, Swiss-made headphone models, the Roller MKo1 and MKo2. Both styles are robust, machined from pure aluminium and stainless steel. Equipped with custom dynamic drivers, baffles, acoustic chambers, foam earpads and bass ports, the models are ideal for travelling, especially the MKo1 which rolls up into the smallest package in its class”

    Departures international  5/2019