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  • what size are the Headphones? How do i know if they will fit?
    The Headphone range is made for different size heads and like most headphones each will be better suited to different head shapes and sizes. The MK01 being the smallest will be better suited to Small to Medium size heads, and the MK03 has a larger range being suitable for small all the way to large size heads. To check the size will fit you we have a method for checking: if you were to measure from the center of one ear to the other over the top of your head with a tape measure or piece for string this will give the you cord length. The cord length for our headphones is as follows: MK01 34 to 40 cm. MK02 36 to 41 cm. MK03 37 to 42 cm. Please see the size guide HERE:
  • Where is my Serial Number?
    All our headphones are hand made so they will have a number engraved on the inside above the earcup. Please use this number when you contact us and we should know all about your product.
  • How to I clean the ear pads?
    Leather or PU earpads have a thin surface cover and memory foam on the inside. Some of our headphones come with high-quality, real-leather earpads and should be cleaned with a slightly damp or dry cloth. Ear cushions are subject to normal wear and tear and should therefore be replaced periodically. Dirt or degradation of the foam in the earpad may effect the sound quality. You can find the suitable replacement components in our online shop.
  • Do these headphones need to be run-in?
    "Running in' refers to using the speakers for a certain time to improve the sound quality. We recommend our headphones using drivers coated with Titanium should be run in as the sound will be improved.


  • How do I leave Feedback
    You can use the form HERE: or you can leave direct product or item feedback at the bottom of most pages.  
  • I need some HELP!
    Please Call us on SWISS:  (+41) 78 655 4940  or leave a message on this FORM and we will get back to you as soon as possible>


  • Where can I find replacement parts fro my headphones?
    Our headphones have been designed to be long lasting but in time and use some parts will need to be replaced. You can order earpads, cables and travel bags directly from our online shop. There are also special items for customizing your headphones and making slight changes to the sound for individual use.
  • My ROLLER headphones are defective
    If your headphones are defective, please contact the LUZLI retailer that sold you the product. They will then arrange a repair service for you. Please always include your purchase receipt for repairs within the warrantee period. Without the appropriate proof of warrantee, repairs can only be carried out for a fee. If you purchased your headphones directly from LUZLI, you can contact us directly for repair services.
  • How do I make returns?
    Our products are built to last, in the unlikely event of defects or faults please contact us to arrange delivery to our Studio for inspection and repair.


    Most of our products are made to order and will take 4 to 6 weeks for manufacture. Some may be held in stock and can be delivered immediately.
  • Where can I try the headphones before I buy them?
    LUZLI works with a range of sales partners and retailers and a list will be provided on the website. We aim to have one key partner in most major cities. LUZLI also attends many hi-end audio shows and exhibitions and will be able to offer demonstrations and answer more detailed questions.
  • Will you ship to my country?
    LUZLI will ship worldwide from our Swiss workshop.
  • What are the taxes?
    If you order from a country that is part of the European Union, prices include VAT at 20 %. For all countries outside of the E.U, local charges such as import duties and / or sales tax may be applied. These charges are at your expense and we recommend you to contact your local customs office for more information.
    You may be responsible for any VAT/Import Taxes/Duties/Brokerage fees or other fees depending in your region. These are added after shipment from LUZLI.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    Delivery should take between 2-4 working days from shipping date. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation and a tracking information by email. Delivery time may vary depending on your location. Please note our products are normally made to order and shipping will only take place after this manufacture period. some products may be held in stock and can be shipped immediately.
  • How do you ship the products?
    We normally ship with DHL or FED-EX and will notify you when your product is ready to confirm the destination and estimate arrival time.
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