Luxe Digital 6-2020

The Luzli Roller MK02 is the best luxury set of headphones on our list

For the most high-in-the-sky option for high-quality over-ear headphones, we found the Luzli Roller MK02. With an aesthetic that’s reminiscent of high-end watches, the Luzli Roller is meticulously-engineered for precise sounds and extreme comfort.

Made of pure aluminium and stainless steel, these headphones are built to last. Its unique linked headband conforms to your head, allowing for a custom feel. The sound engineers behind the Luzli Roller helped craft a warm, detailed sound presentation that is worth every bit of the higher investment.

Each headset is hand-made. There is only one size. There’s a reason for this: Each headset is flexible enough to fit into your life, no matter what.

With its innovative segmented headband and weighty metal feel — as well as its higher price point — the Luzli Roller MK02 is the best luxury set of headphones on our list.


Luxe Digital 6-2020