hifitest.de 02/2018 – Martin Mertens

I can only refer here to the aspects concerning the audio product Luzli Roller Mk 01. And there’s an on-ear headphone with an original headband roll-up mechanism, replaceable ear cushions, connectable two-way cable or the ability to loop the signal to another headphone, 30 mm drivers with an impedance of 32 ohms and an efficiency of 114 dB (ideal for use on mobile devices) and plenty of accessories included. The soft ear cushions nestle against the ears with little pressure; the price for this comfort is that one of the headphones slips off the head with rapid head movements.

With its mass of 207 g, the Luzli is not a lightweight. The wide headband distributes the weight of the headphone over a large area, making it comfortable on the head. The adjustment range of the headband could be larger. With the lush budget, which is available at such a price for the production, a lot of audio technology was also open to the public. Sonically, the Luzli Roller Mk 01 has a lot to offer. 

Of course, those who invest the money in a full-blown high-end headset will get even more. But the Luzli offers a neutral, well-drawn sound that convinces with high resolution, clean dynamic gradation great timing. Conclusion You buy a luxury product like the Luzli Roller Mk 01 for many reasons. The good sound, among other aspects, is just one of them.

hifitest.de 02/2018 – Martin Mertens