Introducing the Roller

The ROLLER hand crafted on-ear and around-ear headphones combine refined precision engineering and design with a unique patented rolling mechanism. These headphones have the quality and attention to detail you would expect from Swiss craftsmanship, and were inspired by high quality Swiss watches which are both an expression of portable luxury and durable enough to last for generations.

In using the same high-end precision as the watch making industry in our products we expect them to last a lifetime. The numbering of each part and each headphone means we have the full test results on hand and in each box we provide a certificate of authentication with the makers signature and date of manufacture. Utilizing different manufacture techniques we make special editions of our headphones in precious metals including Titanium, sterling Silver,  Gold and Platinum. This takes our range into the field of jewelry and art-pieces and beyond pure sound devices.

  • The Roller MK02 headphones are praised for being ‘as luxurious as they are innovative’. Acknowledging the impressive ‘custom dynamicdrivers’ and ‘premium’ materials, T3 deems the MK02 a ‘superb listening experience’

    T3 Magazine 

  • Ultimate on-the-go listening experience. They say good things come in small packages, and this portable powerhouse is a case in point...


  • Uncompromising in their approach to design, craftsmanship and attention to detail, the brand combines technological advancement and style with incredible mechanical and audio quality for an effortless piece of everyday-use tech

    enki magazine

  • With its innovative segmented headband and weighty metal feel

    the Luzli Roller MK02 is the best luxury set of headphones on our list

    Luxe Digital

    Luxe Digital
  • We always enjoy Luzli’s ultra-high-end, Swiss-made headphones whenever we try them at shows. Luzli’s uncompromising approach to quality and detail never fails to deliver the level of craftsmanship more commonly expected from luxury timepieces


  • How To Spend It encourages its readers to invest in a pair of the Luzli Roller headphones and let them run in to ‘unleash their gloriousness’

    Financial Times

    Financial Times


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